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Give Beans A Chance...


- Mentorship, are you willing to invest in the next generation?

- B.Y.O.M. - Be Your Own Motivation!

- The 3 E's of Life - Education, Empower, & Equip

- Be a Success without all the Mess...Be a Queen without All the Drama

- Dare to Dream! I did, and you'll never guess what happened next!

- Passion is power...Using your gifts to help others reach their potential

- There is life after 60!

- MLK Celebration Keynote Speaker

- Black History Month Keynote Speaker

- Poetry, it's my second skin!


- Women's Issues

- Success

- Balancing Life

- Self-Esteem

- Purpose

- Overcoming Adversity

- Women in Leadership

- Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Issues (and many more topics of discussion)


SPEAKER FEE: $500 - $2,500 (Fee is negotiable but this does not include travel, hotel, and amenities)  

Travels from: Spokane, Washington


Audiences: Women's Organizations, Businessess, Youth/Teen Speaker, High School, College & University Speaker/Keynote Speaker &Christian Speaker


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