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I'm Stephy Nobles-Beans

This is a Christ-Centered community for women who desire to learn how to lead God's way. You will learn how to step boldly into Kingdom confidence to fulfill your purpose.  You'll be empowered to embrace God's plan for your life as a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader! 

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Hello and welcome to SHE-BREWS To Lead Too!

  • Do you want to learn more about women leading for the Kingdom of God?

  • Are you looking to step into leadership, and you want direction?

  • Do you wish to lead with boldness and confidence?

  • What does it mean to be a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader?


I’m Stephy Nobles-Beans, and I am a Christian Leadership Coach, Masters in Administrative Leadership, Campus Pastor, Assistant Pastor, National Speaker, Self-Published Author, Professor, Educator, and Podcaster.

  • The 3 L’s regarding leadership

  • How to step into the arena of leadership with confidence and boldness

  • How to be a spiritual and emotionally healthy leader

  • Learn at your own pace through my courses and coaching 

As leaders for the Kingdom of God, we need to know how to lead, where to lead, and when to lead. Women Ever Rising Every Day, applies wisdom from the Bible, and using practical leadership tools, you too can be a woman that leads well.  I can’t wait to help you to experience the amazing ways that we can lead together, all for the glory of God!

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